About Us

Meet Ashlee:  Hello! I am the ASH in Ashlin! I have loved fashion from a very young age. I grew up in Murray, Utah and there were not very many options for tall girls growing up! I am 5'10" and had a very hard time finding pants long enough. I remember my Mom taking me to the Big and Tall store on State Street and I about died. Let's just say my Dad shopped there too.. Enough said right? Luckily the internet was well up and running and I learned really quickly how to shop online and find clothes that would fit me. My first job was at 14 working for my aunt Lori at Red Hanger dry cleaners, where I am sure every paycheck went to buying clothes. The time I spent tagging clothings gave me a great base for  learning different fabric types, how to care for them, what they felt like, even learning what clothing brands held up over time.It really shaped my love of clothing! I attended Utah State University after high school and was working toward a degree in Business Management, during my freshman year I worked at Petals Promises Bridal Shop. I loved selling wedding and prom dresses to all the lovely women who walked in the door. There is nothing quite like helping someone find a beautiful dress for the most important day in their life.  I met my husband while going to school we just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary! We have 4 children 3 boys and 1 girl. While my husband was in college I sold Modbe Clothing, It was a modest clothing line for women the clothing they offered was amazing the quality was fantastic! I still have items in my closet and still wear the swimming suits I bought from them nearly 8 years ago! Not for lack of options but the clothes really were/are that great! I made so many friends that way and still have contact with them to this day. After college we moved to a very small town in central Utah where the closest mall was an hour and a half away. I got really really good at shopping online. We now live in Middleton Idaho and have plenty of options nearby but still find myself constantly online shopping and looking at clothes all day. Sadly I could probably look at your outfit and tell you exactly where you got it! I have been in business now for 3 years and love finding new cute clothes to offer everyday! 
Not only do I hustle this business but I also work for Delta Airlines, I have a love for travel and try to get away with my family as often as possible. My favorite places so far have been Scotland and Tokyo. I have a long bucket list of places I want to go! My main job is to the cute kiddos that call me Mom! My kids are all spread out this year I have one in Highschool, one in Middleschool, one in Elementary and one in Preschool! They keep me super busy and I love it!